IP Ching & Sifu Alan Mynett

Welcome to Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

The Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in Sheffield and Doncaster is run by Sifu Alan Mynett. Alan started his training in 1990 and is a direct student of Grandmaster IP CHING. Sifu Alan Mynett has continually returned to Hong Kong over many years to train personally under Grandmaster IP CHING.

This training over numerous years resulted in sifu Alan achieving his instructor level, which was personally certified by grandmaster IP CHING. Sifu Alan Mynett has spent many years learning privately from grandmaster IP CHING at his home in Hong Kong, he has learnt the whole system including the pole form luk dim boon qwon and knife form bart jam doe personally from Grandmaster IP CHING.
 As a certified member of the Ving Tsun athletics association in Hong Kong, sifu Mynetts lessons follow the same teaching style as taught to him from Grandmaster IP CHING (pictured above).

IP Ching & Sifu Alan Munett Training in Hong KongPrivate or group tuition available
Sifu Alan training with IP Ching at his
home in Hong Kong

Ving Tsun Athletics Association certificates
Trained and certified in Hong Kong by Grandmaster IP Ching

Ving Tsun Athletics Association logo
Member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association, Hong Kong.

Member of BCCMA (British Council for Chinese Martial Arts)

Student of Grandmaster IP Ching